Picture eBooks - The New Way to Publish and Share Pictures

Picture eBooks on Amazon are an art gallery experience on a tablet.

Pictures are powerful. Photographs or illustrations, created with new technology or old, they influence the viewer in many ways. And now your pictures can be showcased in a new way.

Simple and elegant presentation that fills a high resolution screen and lets your artwork connect with the reader. Fine art photography, children’s picture story books, cookbooks or any artistic project – tell your visual story and share it with the largest eBook audience in the world.

It’s time for picture books to go mainstream digital.
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Engage new audiences

How much traffic do you get to your website? Amazon has more. It makes sense to borrow their market and get your work in front of a new audience. Amazon guides customers using their tailored marketing algorithms, and you can take advantage of those too.

Boost your brand

We don’t know why ‘published author’ after your name sounds cool, it just does. Those two words let you position yourself differently in your market. And having an eBook to sell or even give away lets you promote yourself and your work in a fresh way.

Increase your online profile

Within three years it’s forecast that another 3 billion people will gain access to the internet. Of those, more than 90 percent are expected to surf the web on mobile devices. Catching that wave requires online visibility, and having content on tablets and smartphones.

Monetize your product

A picture eBook is a new product to offer customers, at a new price level. You’ve been diligently building a social media following and wondering how to monetize those loyal fans. Now you can deliver your digital content and get rewarded.

Brink Publishing designs, creates, publishes and promotes picture eBooks showcasing the work of celebrated artists and undiscovered talent from around the world.

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Publishing artwork is quicker and easier than ever before. Picture eBooks on Amazon introduce your work to the largest audience, on all devices, in the simplest way. You’ve created something beautiful and now it’s time to share it with the world. Brink Publishing is leading the way in helping artists and photographers become authors too. Ask us how.

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